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Ground Continuity Tester

Ground Continuity Tester

Approx. Rs 55,000 / Piece

Being a perfect instrument, our Ground Continuity Tester works on the principle of test current related to sinusoidal waveform. Across the ground path, this tester measures both current and voltage, thus is widely appreciated among our clients. This is available in different specifications to our clients in cost effective prices.

Technical Specifications :

Additional Information:

DC Electronic Load

DC Electronic Load

Electronic Loads of higher ratings can also be designed to suit customer requirement


Other Information:

DC Volt15 V0.01 V0.5% rdg +/- 2 digits
DC Current20 A0.01 A0.5% rdg +/- 2 digits

Electronic Load

Electronic Load

Electronic Load

Input: 230V, 50Hz single phase

Make: ZEAL   Model: ZMEL400

Range of load: 0 to 20 A

DC Voltage range: 3 to 20 V DC

Maximum Power: 400 W max

Load Control accuracy: ± 0.1 % for change in voltage from 3V to 20 V

Load adjustment by set of coarse and fine control multi turn potentiometer or by analog voltage level 0 to 10V DC

With 3½ Digital DC volt meter and DC Ammeter

Ground and Earth Continuity Tester

Ground and Earth Continuity Tester

Technical Specification:

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Source

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Source

Variable voltag variable frequency source is used to simulate mains conditions of different countries. Also it is used for verifying frequency response of power devices, frequency relays and components. Variable current variable frequency source are used for checking current transformers.

Technical Specification:
Make: ZEAL
Input: 230 Volt ±10% AC, 50 Hz
Output Voltage Range: 0 to 250.0 V AC
Current: 4A
Compliance: 1000 VA, at FS
Output Frequency Range: 45 to 60 Hz
Setting of voltage & Frequency: By Multi turn potentiometers
Meters: 3½ digit AC voltmeter, 3 digit frequency meters
Harmonic Distortion: < 4%
Accuracy of V: 0.15% ± 10 digit
Accuracy of Hz: ± 2 digit
Load & Line Regulation: better than 0.5%
Protection: Against Overload & Short circuit.
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