AC High Voltage Testers

AC High Voltage Breakdown Testers

AC High Voltage Breakdown Testers

The available range of High Voltage Breakdown Tester is designed for adjusting the voltage with the help of panel variance to read leakage current on the panel meter. This range is widely accepted among our users for excellent reliability, dimensional accuracy, corrosion free design and durable quality.


ZSHV5A-105kV,10mAZSHV20A-2020kV, 20mA
ZSHV5A-205kV, 20mAZSHV20A-3020kV, 30mA
ZSHV5A-305kV, 30mAZSHV20A-5020kV, 50mA
ZSHV5A-505kV, 50mAZSHV20A-10020kV, 100mA
ZSHV5A-1005kV, 100mAZSHV20A-50020kV, 500mA
ZSHV5A-5005kV, 500mAZSHV30A-2030kV, 20mA
ZSHV10A-2010kV,20mAZSHV30A-3030kV, 30mA
ZSHV10A-30lOkV, 30mAZSHV30A-5030kV,50mA
ZSHV10A-50lOkV, 50mAZSHV30A-10030kV, 100mA
ZSHV10A-100lOkV, 100mAZSHV30A-50030kV, 500mA

Technical Specifications

TypeMaximum Test Voltage (kV)Typical Leakage currents (mA)
AC HV Tester5,10,8020,30,100,350
DC HV Tester5,10,4020,30,100,350
AC/DC HV Tester5,10,2020,100,350

AC HV Tester 5kV 20mA

AC HV Tester 5kV 20mA

AC High Voltage Breakdown Tester

Make: Zeal Model: ZMHV5A20

Power: 230V AC ±10% , 50 Hz

Voltage Range: 0 to 5kV AC

Leakage Current Range: 0 to 20mA

Test Voltage Range Settable by knob of Variac.

Trip current settable by press to set switch and potentiometer on mA meter.

Metering: 3 ½ digit Digital kV meter, mA meter

Accuracy: kV: 2 % of FS.± 6 digit, mA: 1.5%± 2 digit

Resolution :0.01kV, 1mA respectively

Programmable Timer: Range: 0 to 999 seconds

Indications: Trip, HV On, HV Off.

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